About Us

Jose Diaz
Managing Consultant

LEYC is born from a clear objective of improving the experiences of children and families.

Having spent my entire career in Early Years and Childcare and the last 10 years as a director and senior leader of services in both the public and private sectors, I’ve seen and experienced a lot.

I’ve been involved in over 50 Ofsted children's centre and nursery inspections, including old, new and locality frameworks. I have a proven Ofsted track record of 'outstanding' inspection results and exemplary business strategy and development.

My full experience base covers: start-up registration and designation of children’s centres and nurseries; acquisitions, mergers and strategic growth; and business planning and financial modeling from one site to leading local authority sustainability and sufficiency movements for entire councils.

I find simple ways of making difficult things happen.

I have a detailed and successful background in Quality Assurance and Service Improvement (pre/post Ofsted), organisational and infrastructural restructuring, creating systems and processes bespoke to organisational needs, and producing tailored impact and evidence-laden SEFs.

I can also produce a robust audit and analysis of results, progress, demographics, reach, and of course have the ability to demonstrate this through a variety of presentation formats. I can even point to being part of NMT 2013 Nursery Chain of the Year Management.

I’m not alone. I have a small (but perfectly skilled) team of associates whose experience and expertise allow us to meet the challenges ahead.

Associate Consultant Specialisms: