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We are a full service, one-stop business partner for practitioners in the fields of Early Years and Childcare.

Why use LEYC?... That’s simple; our backgrounds are in outstanding strategy, development and practice within maintained, commissioned and private sector children’s centres and nurseries.

We have worked with and led some of the best in the industry, including local authority, maintained and private organisations. We have experience of over 50 Ofsted inspections of both children’s centres and nurseries, including old and new frameworks, localities, clusters and hub and spoke models, leaving a track record of ‘outstanding’ results.

At Legacy Early Years & Childcare we are focused on creating lasting success and supporting the creation and development of your legacy. Our practice model is based on your history and heritage coupled with our business strategy, development and intervention experiences.

We can focus on delivering sustainable measured outcomes meeting your individual needs, not packaging you into our services. We are here to support with increasing market share, lowering overheads, sustainability and sufficiency planning, Quality Assurance and Service Improvement (pre/post Ofsted), organisational and infrastructural restructuring, acquisitions, mergers and clustering and business development. Operationally, we can model (remodel) practice, systems and processes (e.g. supervision, target settings, frameworks for meeting objectives). We support with audit and analysis work, mock inspections, data profiling - including reach and demographics, presenting data and writing ‘impact’-filled SEF for Ofsted.

Whether you’re new and in the business planning stage, or established and looking for support to improve your standing, we can assist.

Working with clients across the UK, LEYC can help you.